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Even solicitors need marketing tactics: How to become a legal brand?

No one or thing is immune to the laws of marketing. Not even the law itself. Building brands is how you stand out from the competition. And if you do not build a brand, you become a commodity. The legal industry is one of the most competitive fields in the modern age. Your success depends on the size and strength of your clientele. Digital marketing opens new doors to expand that reach. Potential clients are waiting to be swayed by your talent. So, let’s build a case for digital marketing strategies.

Get social!

A sound social media presence is vital to your law firm. It is where most people get their first impression of you. LinkedIn, X, Facebook and YouTube serve as crucial marketing platforms.

Your LinkedIn profile offers insights into your practice, your team and their qualifications. People are less likely to make phone enquiries and more likely to gather information through online research and queries. Share articles that reflect your expertise and understanding of the field. Build connections with peers and industry leaders. Create professional legitimacy online.

Use X to share quick updates and reply to your DMs. Most clients would want their queries to remain private. Facebook is a platform to get creative and share a wide range of content, from holiday celebrations to fun memes. Create engaging and informative content that is shareable and likeable.

The art of webinars

Webinars are virtual events that are helpful for potential clients or partners. You can host webinars on various topics, such as family law, divorce or criminal law. They showcase your expertise in the subjects and boost the confidence of potential clients about your capabilities. These establish your firm authority on the subject matter. 76% of marketers say that webinars help them reach more leads.

Promote webinars on social media, email marketing and online advertising. You can make them creative with Q&A sessions, case studies, storytelling and random participant selection. Investing in the production value of webinars brings a show element to it. It can be like your own talk show, Masterclass or Ted Talk.

Leverage video content

Videos are powerful tools that elevate the quality of marketing. These connect with audiences on an emotional level. They can be YouTube videos on different topics. You can answer questions raised on platforms like X or Facebook using in-depth video content on YouTube. These could be short and data-heavy or lengthy and explanatory. Use YouTube Shorts and TikTok to deliver concise information quickly. You can embed videos on your site and link them with social media. Choose specific topics to target varying needs.

Free Consultation 

The best freebie a law firm or lawyer can give away is advice. Use your video content, Q&A sessions, and social media lives to offer free consultations to audiences. Sound legal advice in the absence of financial gain generates trust and legitimacy. It provides valuable insight into your expertise without commitment.

Partnerships on display

A law firm hires other professionals related to the field, such as personal investigators, accountants, financial advisors and counsellors. Expand your reach by creating a mutual referral network on your site. It also reassures visitors that you work with various professionals to achieve your goals. You can invite them to your webinars, feature them in your video content, and host networking events & conferences. Such a network increases your visibility and puts you on the map of referrals.

Community participation

Active participation is just as crucial as a digital one. The more visible you are in your community, the more trust and credibility you gain. So, get busy locally. Sponsor a charity run, host a fundraiser, give a talk on your expertise subject or conduct welfare events. You can use posters, flyers, banners and event merch to direct people to your websites and social media.

Let the influencers influence

Law firms do not have millions of followers, but they can generate leads from those who do. The power of the influencer is relevant to the legal field as well. There are bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters and media personalities who create content on various topics. Whether corporate, criminal or tax, you can harness their influence by sponsoring, collaborating and guest appearing on their platforms and content. Collaborate with influencers who can benefit from your input and those who can give you the exposure you need.

Content authority with thought leadership

You may have the most original answers to legal questions, pressing legal concerns and legislation reform. Your novel approach may come from experience, a case study or research. Whichever it is, thought leadership that brings new solutions and perspectives to your field earns you trust from search engines. When search engines identify you as a source of high-quality information, you get content authority. Your website and content rank higher, and you gain credibility. When search engines think you know your stuff, readers notice. So, start generating original content.

Testimony is powerful

Client testimonials are proof of satisfaction. When picking a law firm, people follow the same formula for choosing other services and products. They will check the reviews. Testimonials are your reviews. These can be videos, social media posts, texts or photographs. Show examples of positive outcomes, highlighting unique selling points and problem-solving.

Brand building with marketing tactics

Client acquisition and retention determine the success of a law firm. However, every other law firm is vying for the same. It is why you should adapt your marketing strategies to build a brand. Social media, digital events, video content, free consultation, client testimonials, influencers, thought leadership, referral networks and community participation can maximise exposure and generate trust and legitimacy.

Connect with clients in a more personal and approachable way. Give them insights to get to know you better. Showcase your expertise organically. Offer free and valid advice and actively participate in the community you serve. You will soon have both a client base and Google putting their trust in your credibility.

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